New Program for All Santa Barbara County Homeowners!

You are just a few steps away from generating your own clean solar power and protecting your home from power outages & rising energy costs.

The Santa Barbara Home Power Program, in partnership with the City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Clean Energy, now gives you the ability to generate and store your own solar energy at no upfront cost. You’ll power your home with 100% carbon-free energy while protecting your home from rising electricity costs and utility power outages. All homeowners in Santa Barbara County are eligible to participate in the program.

Take Control of Your Power – for You, Your Family, and Beautiful Santa Barbara County!

The Santa Barbara Home Power Program covers the cost of a complete, customized solar and smart battery storage system. There is no credit check, no income check, no financing, no maintenance costs, and no property lien on your home. With your new power system you can generate 100% clean, affordable energy and protect your home against rolling blackouts and rising electricity costs. Plus, the City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Clean Energy support this program so you can be assured that your new energy system is good for you, for your family and for our community.

Control Your Power Costs!

It’s easy! With the Santa Barbara Home Power Program your home generates and stores its own clean, renewable energy, minimizing the amount of energy you buy from your local utility. This could translate into savings of hundreds of dollars a year for you and your family. As a Santa Barbara County homeowner, you’ll be protected from peak rate pricing and unpredictable utility rate increases plus, the price of energy from your new system is guaranteed for 25 years.

State-of-the-art Smart Battery Storage System

With the Santa Barbara Home Power Program you get the latest in battery storage technology: The PowerPod 2. This battery storage system is designed to maximize your savings on electricity costs and maintain power during outages or rolling blackouts.

PowerPod 2 Overview | How Does The Energy Storage System Work?

PowerPod 2 Battery Included

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