Sustainable Power

Generate and store 100% renewable energy from the sun.

Resilient Power

Store your energy and protect your home from outages and rolling blackouts.

Affordable Power

Take control of your energy costs and avoid unpredictable rate increases.

Partnership Power

Supported by the City of Santa Barbara
and Santa Barbara Clean Energy.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve changed our name for the better and are now part of the PoweredUp Network. With increased access to funding, we’ll continue to bring local solar and smart battery backup systems to Santa Barbara commmunities – all at zero up-front cost.

We invite you to make this renewable energy journey with us by visiting Thank you for your unwavering support; we can’t wait to keep making a positive impact, one home at a time.

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Get the Power You Want – When You Want It.

Now Residents of Santa Barbara County Have a Great Way to Power Their Homes. It’s time to take control of your power with sustainable, resilient, and affordable power generated by you.

In partnership with Santa Barbara Clean Energy and the City of Santa Barbara, now all residents of Santa Barbara County are eligible for the Santa Barbara Home Power Program. The Program covers the costs of a complete and customized solar power and battery storage system, including installation and maintenance. There is no credit check, no financing, and no lien on your property.

Sustainable, Resilient and Affordable Power.

As a Santa Barbara Home Power Program customer, you can generate and store your own clean, affordable power and protect your home from power outages and rolling blackouts. So take control of your power with sustainable, resilient and affordable power generated by you.

With the Home Solar Program You Get:

  • Complete Solar Power & Smart Battery System – at No Cost
  • No Credit Check, Financing or Property Lien
  • Protection Against Grid Outages & Rolling Blackouts
  • 100% Clean, Renewable Energy
  • Reduce Your Electricity Costs
  • Warranty & No Maintenance Costs
  • Supported by the City and Santa Barbara Clean Energy
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Customer Care

Protect Your Home from Power Grid Instability and Outages!

Today more than ever, Californian’s are experiencing the instability of an outdated power grid and the effects of climate change on our lives. And that’s why we believe it’s important for homeowners to have power resiliency and why our program includes a state-of-the-art PowerPod 2 smart battery. With your own PowerPod 2 battery – sized for your home’s usage — you’ll be protected against rolling blackouts, grid power outages, peak pricing, and unpredictable rate increases from your utility company. If you are a program customer when the grid goes down, your power will still be on.

PowerPod 2 Battery Included

PowerPod 2 Overview | How Does The Energy Storage System Work?

Designed and Customized System to Meet Your Energy Needs.

Your complete solar power and smart battery system is designed to meet your home energy needs. As we model your new system we’ll analyze your annual usage, as well as the current and future needs of your family – including any electric vehicles, appliances, and heat pumps you may own now, or plan on purchasing — to ensure your system supports your lifestyle today and tomorrow.

Take Control of Your Electricity Costs Now!

With your new solar and battery storage system you can reduce the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility company by as much as 100%, as well as avoid peak pricing and unpredictable rate increases – which adds up to potentially hundreds of dollars every year. Plus, with your new system your energy rate is guaranteed for 25 years.

City and Santa Barbara Clean Energy Supported and Trusted.

The Santa Barbara Home Power Program is supported by the City of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Clean Energy which means you can trust that the solar power and battery storage system is state-of-the-art and customized for your home. And remember, if you are a resident of Santa Barbara County you are eligible to participate in this program.

So, say yes to generating your own, 100% renewable power from the sun, with the Santa Barbara Home Power Program.

Sign up or call 805-POWER-CA (805-769-3722) Today!!

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